Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Beginning

Hello world!
The accountant in me has kicked in and I'm in planning mode. I'm just about ready to start getting my house to sell, get rid of stuff I've acccumulated over the last 14 years, and start some new and wonderful new activities. Hmm...what shall I do? Join a scuba diving club? Do more scrapbooking (of course!!!), sign up for a fun run, plan a vacation with and without the kids. I think that the opportunities are endless! Plus, I'm excited about thinking about moving to a new house somewhere with a cute little yard, in a nice little neighborhood (sans farm animals) and with lots of other little kids for my munchkins to play with!

Ritha and Kris, my fellow scrapbook buddies, I hope you know...I'm excited to start our challenge! will we judge? Is it speed or quality or just the fact that we finish?
So many will I cope? Now I've got to choose a topic. Kids or me? How to decide! The clock is ticking girls!! Let's plan some scrapbook times to help us out!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Blog

Hi friends!

Here's me trying to figure out how to use this site. Wish me luck! Check back to find out what new and interesting things I've been up to lately.
Besides running after my kids, work, scrapbooking, scuba diving, reading, watching Netflix DVDs, and gardening...who knows what else I have in store! Will I have time for anything else?
OK, here I go. If I made a blog, would anybody read it? Where's my site counter? Anybody??